What is othereight?

Othereight is an online and print magazine, but it's also a concept. Your "othereight" is what you devote yourself to during the eight hours that remain after eight hours of work and eight hours of sleep. Our publication acknowledges that we aren't one-dimensional and that our job doesn't encapsulate everything we are. Our hope is that the follow-up question to "What do you do?" would be "What's your othereight?"

Why should people read othereight?

Because othereight will introduce you to interesting folks who, despite a busy life, spend their free time pursuing their passions. We hope these stories are inspiring and encourage others to pursue what they're passionate about.

How did you come up with the idea for othereight?

We started off wanting to produce a publication, but we weren't sure about much more than that. We got to talking about our day jobs and how they don't always fulfill all of our interests and curiosities. No matter the profession, everyone we talked to had a similar experience. We also discovered that we either had or had friends who had side projects outside of work — a band, writing, a sport. We thought it would be fun to start a magazine to showcase and celebrate these projects.

What was it like putting together the first issue?

We think the coolest part, or maybe the most surprising part, was the overwhelming support we got when we asked our friends to send us submissions. It was their responses that inspired us to publish our first issue and launch a website.

The enthusiasm of our contributors really did rub off on us. Our work sessions happened all over the place, in different apartments, in the middle of the World Cup, late nights, early mornings ... Okay, not early mornings. We wrote the mission statement at a bar during the Super Bowl.

What's next for othereight? What's your long-term vision for the magazine?

Issue number two! We want to keep telling interesting stores and to build a community of people who are passionate about what they do outside of work.

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